Round 10, Cancer and chemo TKO

Chemo, Round 10.

Ding, Ding.

I was TKO’d before the round even began.

I’ll start from the beginning.

me with Sophia


Baby Bryan

Before I went home for Mother’s Day on Saturday, I felt another lymph node on the left side of my neck.  Shelby felt it, too and we decided that I would bring this up to my doctor at my upcoming appointment.  That Tuesday, I went to the infusion room, had my port accessed and blood drawn by awesome nurse Nicole and headed up to see Dr. Zibelli.  The first thing I told her (besides the formalities, of course) was about the swelling.  As soon as she touched my neck, she felt the growth and immediately stopped the chemo.  She told me that my body has developed a resistance to Ofatumumab so it was no longer working.

The doctor then suggested Imbruvica which is the new chemo pill for CLL.  It was just approved by the FDA this year and is having success in other patients.  I’ll be taking 3 pills once a day.  The major, most common side effects seem to be nausea, low blood counts and excessive bleeding.  There is also a risk of kidney damage among others.  Once I begin this drug, I’ll be getting my blood drawn weekly to monitor my body and hope it is not doing more damage than good.



Now, I’m just waiting for the proper approvals and red tape to be cleared.  My understanding is that this drug is very expensive and it’s not something I can get at my local pharmacy.  There is a company working with my insurance company and the supplier to keep the cost to me limited.  As of now, I’m still waiting on the supplier to see just how much my co-pay will be.

Personally, I feel very disappointed and frustrated.  Just as I am about to move forward, I have to take a step back.  There are many opportunities at work coming up that I do not want to miss.  Shelby and I have also been discussing taking a real vacation (abroad maybe) but again, we have to put our plans on hold…at least until we know what this new drug is going to do to me.


Emma & Shelby

For now, Shelby and I continue to move together and try to stay positive for each other.  We had the girls last night (Emma and Sophia) and I got to see my boys last weekend (Shawn and Bryan).  And hopefully, the weather will dry out so we can get out of the house this weekend.

People continue to amaze with their kindness and affection.  Not only are my friends, family and readers sending constant love, I’m receiving support from total strangers.  Thank you to everybody who continue to send some love, prayers and energy.  I love you.



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7 comments on “Round 10, Cancer and chemo TKO

  1. So very sorry this big bump in the road came about. Hoping this new pill will do wonders for you and that the side effects will not hinder your life any more than you are already hindered. Prayers will be with you always and if love can do anything at all, I am sure you will be sent much love from everyone to help you deal with this. Will speak with Saint Jude again and plead my case to him…………..

    • Thank you Aunt Terry. Your support has been wonderful and we both appreciate it greatly. Yeah, and ask St Jude if he can pull any strings for me. 😉

  2. Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts. I wish I lived closer, reading your updates makes me feel connected, like I’m just around the corner. I’m hopeful this new treatment will be successful and you’ll be making plans soon.
    Love you,

    • I wish you lived closer, too! :-)

      Love you always!

  3. I know you are frustrated by all this,but you are truely an inspiration. Seeing you on Mother’s Day and knowing now that this had to be weighing on your mind and you didn’t show it at all you amaze me. Keep fighting something will work. I love you!

    • Thank you Aunt Sharon! I love you, too. It was great seeing you on Mother’s Day. We should plan a day to see each other (outside of a family event).

  4. Great post.

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