Imbruvica For My CLL – The First 30 Days

Champions quoteHello Everybody!

As I have just started my 2nd 30 day supply of Imbruvica, I thought I’d give a quick update on my progress!

Today I can say that I am doing well but the first week or so was pretty rough.  My most frequent side effects are stomach problems, fatigue, nausea and abdominal cramping. Shelby says that my stamina is not what it once was and that I fall asleep much easier than normal (which is normally on the couch while we are watching TV at night).  I would say that all of these effects are manageable and that I am still working full time while continuing to take classes toward my BS in Organizational Leadership.

My next appointment with Dr. Zibelli is next Tuesday, July 1, 2014.  I’ll be getting blood drawn later this week to check my CBC’s, CMP’s and my IgG levels.  If my IgG levels are low, I may be receiving those monthly ‘immune boost’ infusions again.  Personally, I cannot feel anymore lymph swelling in my neck – always a good sign!

I guess that is it for today!  I’ll be sure to let everyone know how my doctor’s visit goes next week.  Fingers crossed!

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3 comments on “Imbruvica For My CLL – The First 30 Days

  1. Good news to say the least. You looked great yesterday and had some added energy but I think it was because Emma and Sophia were there and they always make you happy as they do all of us. Prayers still being said on a daily basis to pave the way to a complete recovery. I am very proud of your stamina and know you can kick this bastard of a disease.

  2. Jenn: Thanks for the update! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing all these nasty side effects but when we consider the fact that we are making you ingest poison to KILL the leukemia – we should anticipate these side effects. ou are one of the strongest patient’s I have had the pleasure to meet so please, KEEP ON FIGHTING!! You are an inspiration to many and these blogs will surely be an inspiration to your fellow cancer patients!

    • Thank you Terrie! You just rock – hope to see you soon (when you’re not so busy). :)

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