My Coach and Biggest Fan

I’ve tried and tried to figure out how to start writing this.  I’m finding it difficult to put into words the gratefulness I feel for my coach, my trainer and my biggest fan.  Of course I’m talking about Shelby.  No matter which hurdle I face, she is the one encouraging me to plow right through it.

Sometimes I think it’s worse to be the loved one of someone with an illness than to be the actual patient.  For me, I go into meandShelbysurvivor mode.  I go to my appointments, I do what I’m told by my doctors and I push forward.  The loved ones do all of the worrying; they are the ones with the anxiety about the toll the disease may take.  Mostly they do this with a poker face.  Shelby is no exception to this.  It seems that every time we receive bad news, she makes sure I’m okay while suffering in silence herself.

In case you haven’t met her, here are some of the most interesting facts about my meandshelgirlfriend of five years.  First, she does not tolerate disrespect.  Second, she is always honest.  Shelby is also the hardest worker I have ever come across! Whether it’s working in our yard or doing work for her clients, she does not stop until the job is finished!  She is also an eternal child who likes to tickle and torture me more often than I’d like to admit.

I can name three things that make Shelby truly happy:

1. Cher

2. Perfectly cooked lobster in butter sauce

3. Her nieces Sophia and Emma, and my cousins Shawn and Bryan.

I chose to write about Shelby for my first installment of ‘In My Corner’ because there has been no greater support than her these past few years.  She attends all of my appointments, has driven me home after a long Shelbyday of chemo and makes sure I get plenty of sleep.  She also makes me smile and laugh like no other person has ever done!  And it’s not just with my illness!  She encourages me to do well in school. When I was still in the band she went to all of my shows. And she lets me go for a run when I need to get out.  I’ve never experienced such unconditional love and support.

So thank you, Shelby.  You have been the most incredible, influential person I have ever met!  You inspire me every day to be a better person; for me, for you and for us.  I’m proud of who we are and I’m proud of our relationship.  Thank you being my ear, my rock and my sounding board.

Oh, and I love you….MORE!


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2 comments on “My Coach and Biggest Fan

  1. What a wonderful testimonial……..she is a rock and will be the base for your recovery. I thank God that you found each other because you are a match made in Heaven……… can solve many problems and your love is eternal and long lasting and will get you both thru this ordeal…………

  2. wow

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